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Team name:
Project Finders

Team Leader:
VarietyVidsnet (me)

Current Members:

Current Game title:
Pokemon Finders

Current progress made:
Around 3-6 %

Position(s) needed:
Graphic Designer (Menu System, CBS-Possibly, Character Designer, Banners,etc.)
Scripter (See Additional info for more details)
Beta Tester

GMT-05:00 Eastern Time (US&Canada)

Preferred Method of contact:
PM (See Additional Info for more details)

Additional info:
Made in RM2K3

I am soon making a windows Messenger account so I should have that soon. So for now just PM me

Team Scripter:
I currently need a CMS and a CBS. So if anyone would like to help me out, that would be extremely helpful!

I would like experienced people for my Team.
Not low quality sprites, non-working, or glitchy events and stuff like that.

Perks: (Ooh, Aah)
There are certain events in the game that I will have only for Staff Members. Not sure what, though. PM me with ideas if you'd like.

A custom character in the game! Either a Mission Assistant or some cool mysterious person, I don't know whatever you want. (I do not supply the charsets so I would like you to give me them if you would like to be in the game.) Unless it's already a character from previous games then I have it .

Probably More perks to Come.