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Gonna go ahead and repost. Is that cool? It's been several months, a bit has changed.
Team Name:

Team Zirconium

Team Leader:

T3h Kaiser

Current Members:

T3h Kaiser (Writer, Idealist, Pimp Master)
Relhots (Programmer, Map Maker, Jolteon Furry)
Mazin Kaiser (Lead Programmer, Secondary Kaiser)
Ferret (Writer, Idealist, Token European Team Member)
defno (Pokémon Concept Artist, Trainer Concept Artist, Pokémon Spriter)
Chetwin007 (Trainer Concept Artist?)
NikNaks (Pixel Artist Extraordinaire)
Jackson (Pokemon and Trainer Spriter, Jack Bauer Stand-In)
-Axle- (Pokémon Concept Artist, Pokémon Spriter, Mythical Sea Creature Specialist)
BlueBomber (Team Mascot)
Guest (Idealist, Loli Aficionado)
-Aura- (Idealist, Game Balance Assurance)
Chaotic (Idealist, Game Balance Assurance)

Current Game:

Pokémon Zirconium Version

Current Progress Made:

Currently finishing up the design process, working on sprites and maps and preliminary programming.

Positions Needed:

Scratch Pokémon Spriter (Front, Back, Overworld and Menu Icons)
Scratch Trainer Spriter (Front, Back and Overworld)
Maybe a Concept Artist (Trainers)

Time Zone:

Central Standard Time (CST), although I never sleep so time zones are irrelevant to me!

Method of Contact:

AIM (T3h Kaiser), Yahoo (Tameonphoenixknight) or MSN ([email protected]) is preferred. I can also be reached here via VMs or PMs, or through a post in the Zirconium thread linked in my signature.

Additional Info:

- Team Zirconium is a quickly growing and passionate group of fun individuals who are in it for their love of the franchise. Unlike teams that fade away or lose their motivation, we won't back down until our project is completed. We're looking to see this through until the end, and we're looking for the same in our recruits.

- First and foremost, Team Zirconium is looking for experienced developers looking for a serious project; please have examples of your work available for us to judge. Despite this, we're a fun group of people and we know how to have a good time; there is no stress within our forums, and no pressure to get the job done. We're going to finish this project, of course, but we want to have a good time doing it!