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Interregional Combat!

The S.S. Quest finally reached Vermillion City, but only to trigger a fight between the trainers of the Johto and Kanto regions. The struggle seems hard, and our heroes are at a large disadvantage against the Johto defendants.

- Dodge that Flamethrower and use Shadow Ball, Mightyena! Cover his move with Blizzard, Walrein! – David was starting to sweat with the thought of what to do to beat a single Ace Trainer that had chosen to attack him. The Blizzard move Walrein used should have been enough to bring quite a few enemies down, but probably not sufficient.
- Dugtrio! – That same trainer yelled upon seeing the mole Pokémon faint. – That’s enough, you punk! I’m gonna show you what battling really means! – The Dugtrio’s Pokéball was quickly replaced with another one that was thrown into the air at high speed, resulting from the trainer’s anger. – Go, Entei!
- Entei?! – David gulped, watching as the Fiery Legendary Pokémon did appear in the battlefield, readying a fire move without even being ordered to.
- That’s right! Melt that Walrein, Entei!
- Ampharos! Stop him with Thunderbolt!
- AmphAROS! – The electric Pokémon hollered, releasing a ferocious amount of electric power across the field to deliver a mighty explosion over Entei, causing the appearance of a smoke cloud all around the legendary beast.
- That’s not going to stop Entei! – The Ace Trainer yelled to David, clenching his fists. In fact, David could see a bright red, glowing creature in the midst of the dust. He could feel the heat emanating from it. – OVERHEAT!
The Pokémon mightily roared from the inside of the cloud, releasing flames all around himself, eventually forming a kind of flaming wall, from which only his eyes were seen glowing. The smoke dissipated instantly, and the Pokémon was able to walk outside and show itself, forcing any other Pokémon to back away.
- NOW!
- Use Earthquake, Walrein! – It was David’s last choice. He knew it.
The Walrus Pokémon took a moment to react, fearlessly watching Entei’s power.
But when he did, Walrein concentrated on the ground, releasing a wave of power that blasted just beneath Entei’s feet, weakening the fire’s power. This, though, wasn’t enough to stop it, and the legendary dog released a fiery beam towards Walrein, a beam surrounded by spirals of flames to strengthen the move. The Pokémon closed it eyes and braced for impact.
…but when the move was supposed to hit, he felt a refreshing sensation, as if touched by water. When he opened his eyes, though, he saw it was indeed water, and that a Pokémon was blocking his way while emanating a powerful jet of water against Entei.
- Figured you might need help. – Barry woke David from his baffling, calling his attention to the battle again. – Empoleon! Keep using Hydro Pump!
- Got it. – David answered, turning to the battle again. – Finish Entei with Thunder, Ampharos! Team up with Empoleon!
- Stop it when the move reaches you! – Barry added to the instructions.
The Pokémon prepared and released a powerful Thunder, no towards the sky, but into Empoleon’s Hydro Pump, following the flow of water until it hit Entei with astounding strength, causing an explosion similar to the one before.
Empoleon quickly stopped launching Hydro Pump, just in time to avoid being electrified.
The lifting of the cloud revealed that Entei was already down and unable to fight.
- Argh! Entei?! They defeated you?! – The Ace Trainer could barely believe his eyes as he took out the Pokéball and called the legendary dog inside. – This doesn’t end here!
The trainer ran off to the ship again, escaping his defeat.
- That one’s down! – David announced, trying to get a new target.
- Shut up you two! There’s a Rhyperior after me and Max! – Shadix harshly interrupted, pointing out a Pokémon that intensely hit C.V. with Megahorn. Unfortunately, though, Rhyperior wasn’t alone, as a Magmortar and an Electivire were also making their move on Flame, Max’s Thyplosion.
- I’ll take care of him and Magmortar! – Barry quickly offered, running to Shadix’s side. – David, help me out with that Electivire!
- Got it! Mightyena, you’re on your own! Ampharos, you too! – David warned to the hyena Pokémon, who readily jumped sideways to avoid a Vine Whip move from a Tangrowth he was dealing with.
Mightyena’s mouth glowed in a fiery rage, leaping at the vine Pokémon while preparing a Fire Fang assault.
Ampharos, on the other hand, was continuously striking a Milotic with strong Shock Wave moves, trying to keep the Pokémon paralyzed and unable to move.
David ran over to Max with Walrein following him close behind, ready to help.
- Hurry up, Lawride! Flame won’t take much longer!
- Walrein! Use Earthquake on Electivire!
- Get outta there, Flame!
The Thyplosion barely saw the Earthquake coming, but had just enough time to jump over the Electivire and avoid a massive explosion that sent the electric Pokémon flying into the dock’s waters.
The power of the wave didn’t just affect the Electivire, though since it also went straight into the Rhyperior that had been charging over C.V.
- Good job there! C.V., use Dig! – Shadix ordered once the Pokémon was free from Rhyperior.
- You too Flame! Use Dig!
Barry’s strategy until now kept the same: Hydro Pump was keeping Magmortar in its place, unable to move due to the power of the jet.
But the Magmortar wasn’t ready to give up just yet.
- Use Earthquake on’em, Magmortar! – Apparently, the three humanoid Pokémon belonged to a single Bodybuilder who was issuing orders from behind most of the trainers.
The Blast Pokémon ignored the water move that was being used on him and concentrated solely on the ground, raising one of its “fists” to fiercely punch the ground and send energy waves trailing towards Empoleon and the two fire Pokémon underground, as well as Walrein.
- C.V.! / Flame! – The two trainers yelled at the same time upon seeing the ground explode in awesome power, sending the two Thyplosions in the air, completely exhausted.
- Take care of them while Empoleon finishes this guy out! – Barry “commanded” to the two trainers, knowing Empoleon would survive the hit. – Don’t let yourself wear out!
Both trainers nodded and called back the two Pokémon, the female trainer readying a new Pokéball.
- Sorry C.V….! Go, Fighter! – Shadix called out her male Butterfree.
- Ty! Use Earthquake! – Max ordered to his Tyranitar, who readied the attack towards Magmortar
- Give him a hand, Walrein! Use Earthquake! – David ordered immediately after, and both Pokémon united to cause a larger, more powerful wave against Magmortar, causing the ground to tremble and blast, sending detritus flying everywhere, along with the Magmortar, who was called back just before it hit the water.
- Alright! – Shadix taunted, high-fiving Barry and Max.
David, though, didn’t have time to celebrate. He quickly ran to Mightyena’s side, who had been sent flying against a warehouse’s wall by a Hitmonlee that belonged to a trainer from within the crowd.
- Come on, you need rest. Get back. – David took the Pokéball out and withdrew Mightyena, placing the ball on the belt again. The Tangrowth it was fighting was already down. A Great Ball flew from his hand to the middle of the field, releasing his last Pokémon, Pidgeot. – Use Aerial Ace on Hitmonlee!
The bird Pokémon flew up and flew against the fighting type at amazing speed, throwing it to the ground without even noticing what hit it.
- You don’t honestly think I’d come to a championship without being prepared, right? – The trainer showed himself, but David knew that face. He was one of the Gym Leaders David once met in his journeys through Johto…
- Chuck?! – The trainer gulped, recognizing the Fighting Type Gym Leader.
- Well, if it ain’t David! This is to repay my debt to you! – The rather heavy fighter quickly threatened, ordering Hitmonlee back into the Pokéball to throw out another one, this time releasing a Poliwrath. – Your victory over me made me close the gym for the rest of the day because you embarrassed me in front of so many people! Now is the time to have a rematch! Poliwrath, use Ice Beam on that Pidgeot!
- Watch out! Dodge it and use Aerial Ace again, Pidgeot!
The tadpole Pokémon immediately fired the ice move, but Pidgeot easily evaded the move and prepared to launch itself at Poliwrath, increasing its speed exponentially while rotating.
- Just as I was expecting! Grab that bird by its talons and use Submission!
- What?!
Indeed, the Poliwrath did avoid the move and with professional precision, grabbed the Pidgeot’s paws and then its wings, rolling on the floor with it to stop its speed.
- Good work! Now use Dynamic Punch!
The tadpole Pokémon nodded and raised a glowing fist, punching the Pidgeot with full strength to release a blinding explosion of light.
- Pidgeot! NO!
- Finish that bird with a direct Ice Beam!
David curled his fists and searched for Ampharos, finding him in a struggle with another Milotic.
- Leave that and come here! Use Thunderbolt on Poliwrath!
- Are you insane?! You’ll knock Pidgeot down too! – Chuck was rather surprised with that sudden decision.
- Well then you shouldn’t have messed with us! Pidgeot, come back!
- What?!
The Ampharos didn’t hesitate, and after a quick jump, he released a powerful electric move that caused a mighty explosion on the floor, causing yet another cloud of dust to rise and cover the arena.
Chuck’s eyes could barely believe the scenery. He had just been defeated again.
And, when the cloud lifted, Poliwrath could be seen, unconscious, lying in the ground inside a rather large crater.
- Doooh… Get inside again, Poliwrath… - The Gym Leader called, resigned. – I must say, I’m impressed you managed to defeat me twice like that… I’m going to practice more, though. I’m not giving up. No siree. The Orthan Kingdom is full of opportunities, and I’m not giving up just because of a single defeat.
He retreated to the ship, walking very slowly while watching the Pokéball in his hand.
- We’ll meet again, David Lawride. – And with that, he disappeared behind the crowd of trainers, leaving David with a feeling he knew he would have the chance to feel again: when he challenged Chuck again.

- Use Psychic on those Mothims, Fighter! – Shadix ordered, preparing a new Pokéball.
- Who are you trying to use? – Max asked very quickly to not lose focus on the battle.
- Aura Heart, my Lucario.
- Then give me that. – Max stole the Pokéball from her hand and took another one out. – Dusk! Aura Heart! – A Duskoir and a Lucario appeared in the field at each other’s side.
- What are you doing?!
- Focus on your own Fighter! Trust me on this one! Both of you, use Psychic on those Gallades and those Toxicroaks!
The Lucario joined his hands while the Dusknoir prepared himself to send the psychic shock wave.
- I’m helping you to out! Fighter, use Psychic!
The Butterfree nodded and flew to the other two Pokémon’s side, preparing itself to launch the move.
- NOW! RELEASE PSYCHIC! – Max yelled to the trio, which readily emanated a supernatural force that distorted even space, causing most of the bug Pokémon in the Johto side, as well as the Fighting Type Pokémon to fall, unconscious and unable to fight.
However, this had a price; the Pokémon that used the move were near completely exhausted, and it was visible from their look, as Lucario had bent down to catch some air and Butterfree had also stopped flying. Dusknoir, apparently, was the only one to stay firm, as it was staring at a few of the foes that had fallen with his arms crossed. Max could have sworn he heard a laugh from the Pokémon, but it was probably his sense of victory tingling in his head.
But many of the trainers did retreat into the ship, and the large group from before seemed to now be reduced to a mere collection of three trainers; an Ace Trainer, a Ruin Maniac, and a very formally dressed female trainer. It was incredible the amount of people that used Fighting Type Pokémon.
Shadix and Max had gathered by each other’s side, facing the three opponents with fearless expressions: the same way the trainers were facing them.
Barry had called his Empoleon to his side so he could join the two other, while David had already given up the battle, and had been seen running to the Pokémon Center.
The six scrolled their look through the battlefield, only moving their eyes: the once plain, white floor of the docks was now a disastrous field of craters and rubble.
- So, do you give up? – The three Johto trainers asked triumphantly, readying the Pokéballs for the battle.
- Not a chance. – Shadix answered in everyone’s place, taking her last Pokéball out of the belt.
- Me neither. – Max added, not needing to take a new Pokéball since Dusk was already out.
- Whatever these two say.
- Then get ready to-…!
- STOP! – Someone yelled from the ship. The six turned to the person that had just yelled, only to see an orange blur jumping off the ship to land on the docks. – Stop.
- Flint?! – Barry immediately identified the trainer with an afro, especially from his laidback pose with his hands in the pockets.
- Who’s he?
- He’s an Elite Four in Sinnoh! He’s an expert in Fire Types! – Barry seemed to barely even be able to contain himself.
- Yeah, whatever. – Flint blinked to Barry and turned again to the Johto trainers. – Seriously, what is this crap? Just ‘cause they’re from another region, ya gotta fight them?
- Well, yeah! – The Ace Trainer replied, adding afterwards: Kanto doesn’t want to give Johto the independence it rightfully deserves! They don’t want to admit that the Silver League is just as good as the Indigo League!
- Ah, so it got political, huh? Chill out. Come on. Think about it. You think Kanto’ll give you the independence if you keep treating them like that?
It was obvious that the Ace Trainer was out of cards to play, despite wanting to keep replying.
- I’d say this battle’s over and that you three should go to your rooms and get some fresh bath or something.
The three trainers exchanged looks and turned, walking up the board.
- But Flint. – One of the trainers, the formally dressed trainer said, halting in the middle of the bridge. – We’re not done yet.
Flint just waved and smiled as if it were a compliment, which only contributed to the trainer’s fury, thundering through the crowds in the corridors.
- Stay outta trouble. – He said only, blinking and walking away to the ship.
- He’s awesome, huh? – Barry complimented, watching the Elite Four go back to the luxury liner.
The two other trainers nodded, calling their teams back.
The battle had gone through the day… the trainers could now understand why Vermillion was called the Port of Exquisite Sunsets, they had the opportunity to value a sunset themselves now that the day was about to end… It would be the last afternoon they would be spending in the Kanto Region in a long while, now that the ship would be leaving in no time.
- Be grateful. We won the battle, and now we see the rainbow after the storm. – Max said very calmly, putting his hands into his pocket while walking towards the ship. – I’ll be seeing you two around the S.S. Quest.
- See ya, Max. – Shadix replied, waving slightly with her hand. – So, should we go inside?
- Sure. Let’s go.
The two kept close to each other, walking up the bridge and into the vessel.

- David Lawride? – The nurse called from the counter.
David got up and walked over to the desk, accepting the three Pokéballs and one Great Ball and putting them in his belt.
- They weren’t very badly injured, you got lucky. – She added, offering a bottle of Potion. – We’re doing a campaign. Accept this item for your journey.
- Thanks, I’m sure it’ll be useful.
The nurse bowed with a smile.
- We hope to see you again!
David nodded and went back to his table, releasing Mightyena on his way there.
- Looks like it wasn’t a joke after all. – He told the Pokémon, who immediately sat by his trainer. – If we’re going to Orthan, then we’d better be careful… If that Johto gang catches us again, we’re doomed.
- I knew it! Gary had to be trying to kick me off!
- It’s not that serious. Misty will be in the S.S. Quest, and you know it. Just go to my room tomorrow night or today and you can talk to her any time you want.
David raised an eyebrow, and seemingly, the person talking with the latest one also did, judging from the answer of that person.
- I-I mean, you can go there or I can send her over to your room, of course.
But the part about going in the S.S. Quest was interesting, and so was the fact they both knew Misty, who had been travelling with him, Shadix and Max across Johto.
- So, you two are going in the S.S. Quest too, huh? – David turned and asked, curious.
The capped boy nodded and sighed.
- You said you knew Misty. Where from? – David asked yet again, this time without turning.
- She traveled with us through Kanto and Johto once. We’ve been meeting her along the way a few times. – It hadn’t been the capped boy to answer; David could easily differentiate both voices. – And how do you know her?
- It happens she’s also been travelling with me and some friends in Johto. And Kanto, not as much. – David replied, getting the Pokégear off his backpack’s strap, pressing a few buttons before handing it to the other two trainers. – A company in Johto modified my Pokégear so it could have more functions. They installed a camera in it, and you can see that Misty is with me and some friends.
They didn’t look very surprised while watching the pictures in the Pokégear. The capped boy gave the Pokégear back to David, who put it back to the strap.
- She likes to travel a lot.
- Yeah, I know… she was always ready for an adventure. – David answered, getting up.
Mightyena also got up, following his trainer to the exit.
- By the way, I didn’t catch your name. – He stopped just before leaving, turning around.
- I’m Ash. Ketchum. – The capped boy answered. David only then noticed he had a Pikachu by his side who also greeted the twosome.
- Brock Harrison. Just call me Brock.
David shook hands with both.
- I’m David Lawride. – He introduced himself. Mightyena made itself look important, sitting by the trainer’s side again. – So, I’ll be seeing you around the ship.
- Yup. – Ash replied.
David turned and walked out of the center, now under the weak illumination the moonlight offered. The scent of burning soil was quickly replaced by a salty atmosphere, relaxing him a little, allowing him to forget the battle for once and to enjoy his last stay in Vermillion. Mightyena’s eyes were glowing red in the dark, and seemed as if they were divided in half by a black rift. Other than that, David couldn’t tell apart most of the Pokémon’s body. But it didn’t matter. Right now, he only wanted a bed where he could sleep.

- It worked perfectly! – May could barely contain her laughter, taking off the orange wig and the yellow shirt to put her usual, orange clothes back on, as well as the small bandanna with a Pokéball pattern.
- Yeah, he fell right into the trap! He’s gotta be wandering all over the ship looking for a way to humiliate Ash with! – Dawn took off the same wig and clothes and put hers on again.
- But was it really you outside when Gary left?
- Yeah! I just hurried back in when I noticed he saw me!
- That’s genius! High-five!
- Wait, but what about Ash? – May didn’t get to clap her hand into Dawn’s when she remembered that the other trainer hadn’t been warned.
- We’ll have to tell him. I bet he’ll love to know something to throw at Gary’s face!
The two shared a short laugh and high-fived.
- Come on, let’s go tell him!
May approached the edge of the box and analyzed the area.
- The coast is clear. Let’s get out of here!
The two trainers ran off from the cargo level, leaving behind the false hair and clothes.

- Man, I can’t believe I’ve got to stay with this guy… – Shadix muttered in a low voice, glaring to her ticket while Barry was trying to get his own. – It’s here, dumbass. You’re staying with me in room fifty.
- Neat! We’re gonna be roommates! Awesome! You can tell me everything about that Dragonite, right?!
- Wow wow wow! Cool it! Not so fast, I’ve still got to get my stuff in the room! – Shadix immediately made up some excuse, making her way to their room.
- This is gonna be awesome! – Barry mumbled to himself, trying to contain his hyperactivity while following Shadix.
- Is this some kind of joke? I’m supposed to stay with Lorelei?! – Gary yelled out loud, trying to figure whether he should call the administration or feel honored for it.
- That’s right, babe… - The Elite Four suddenly appeared at his side, much taller than him, adjusting her glasses. – This time we ain’t battling, so try to be a little less cocky, okay, honey?
Lorelei took the ticket from Gary’s hand, an icy feeling emanating from her when she approached him.
With that, she walked off, taller than probably any person in the corridor, entering the elevator after blinking at him. Gary gulped and felt he was getting blushed, quickly covering his face while cowering away to the other elevators on the opposite hall.
Apparently, the next person in the line was a green haired boy, wearing a purple, sleeveless jacket over a black sweat-shirt. It kept its hands in its pocket, and only took a hand out to give the Trainer Card to the cashier at the counter.
The man there didn’t speak either. He silently took a ticket from the machine and gave it to the trainer, who walked off with a glow in his green eyes.
David went in the ship at last, giving a long “Wow!” after seeing how the whole place was large and had multiple corridors and elevators, as well as two or more counters where long queues of people awaited for their room to be attributed. There was a dome in the top of the room, made of glass, through which David could see the moon shining upon the S.S. Quest.
Having chosen the line with less people, David quickly got his turn to get a room.
- David Lawride? – The attendant said, picking the Trainer Card from his hands.
The trainer nodded and waited for a ticket to come out of the machine, handing both documents to him again.
David thanked the attendant and walked off to the elevators. He didn’t bring much stuff with him, only his backpack with the essential inside. He wasn’t a person to bring much luggage.
When he got into the elevator, he took a peek at the ticket to know the room, noticing there was some other information written.
Room 66
Sharing room with: May

The rest of the ticket was curiously scratched off, making the name unreadable.
- Interesting. – David mumbled, getting off the elevator once it stopped in the second floor.

Many trainers await unexpected meetings aboard the S.S. Quest… will our heroes find themselves in the midst of an exciting adventure… or involved in a deadly trap?

To be continued…

Less credits this time. The following trainer characters are owned by the respective users in Pokémon Gateway Island:

Maxwell C. Smith - User Kcx

Shadix Arua - User Salimus

David Lawride - Mine

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