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I Found the file with the evolution information on Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(Soul Silver not Confirmed), the one that is called evo.narc on Pokemon Platinum.
The file is located on the follow path: a/0/3/4.
4 is the file.
I use Nitro Explorer 2b.
The method of hacking the evolution seems to be semiliar to Pokemon Platinum but i will check that better.

More Info:

HG & SS – File (With “NitroExplorer2b.exe”): a/0/3/4(4 is the file)

HG & SS – File Offset on “Crystal Title2 Hex Editor(I opened the Rom)” : 029F3400

Pointer (Offset) to Bulbasaur(First Evo)(Only File of the evolutions): 00001040

Pointer (Offset) to Bulbasaur(First Evo)(Rom): 029F4440


I change the code to make my Cindaquil evolve to Quilava at level 6 and he did it.
If anyone want to know more please contact me
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