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Well, I'm no one important, I don't make public hacks, I have no hacking experience (cept for fooling around with my own person hacks I make to just randomly prolong the life span of a game lol)

but yeah, I'm really looking forward to this. G/S is arguably tied for the best Pokemon game (R/B tie for me since they were just plain great, and the glitched were everywhere, but added a lot of fun too)

I can't wait for the evolution editor, and maybe a way to add more pokemon or types into the game (like KBM did with Brown). I'd also love to be able to make gengar evolve through lvls... lol

but yeah, enough random chat, I tried most of the programs you have up for download, and they seem to work fine. I'd like to be able to addd more pokemon to the gym leaders, but if its a no-go, so be it.

if I understood the most basic things about hacking (which if I put my mind to it, I probbaly can) I'd love to help out...

I can't so I'll just give support. Good luck o nthis project, and I hope you complete it soon