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Aaaaaaaaaaaand... Ambipom is gone.... She'll be missed. Overall, it was a good episode. I found it funny how Dawn's all like"Ambipom's gone!", they walk outside, and she's pretty much right there. XD I also think it's interesting how he mentioned specifically mentioned his Ping Pong place is in Vermillion City. That makes me pretty positive that we'll see Ambipom again sometime in the future....

And yeah, that champion guy had the weirdest name. I mean, "Ou"? I know that's his name in the original, but wow. Must have been strange growing up...

Originally Posted by Kid Sonic
This episode was a completely freakin’ gyp! Not only do none of our main characters beat O, but Dawn loses her Ambipom! I guess O wasn’t satisfied with his of golden ping-pong balls and Pokemon food. He had to go and claim Dawn’s Ambipom as his prize, by maniputing the both of them with flowery talk of training. Even the narrator thought it was a wonderful event and gave it a flowery approval, as delusional as he is. I’m pretty sure that the O in his name stands for “Operator”.
Ok, that made me laugh. XD
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