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Sorry, but the guys name made me laugh.. I assume 'Ou' stood for the fact that he was 'King of Pokemon Ping Pong' -wtf?? D: Being the Champion of Pokemon Ping Pong is not a good accomplishment, and certainly doesn't deem someone worthy of the name Ou. >___>; /mini-rant.

Also.. yeah.. Dawn losing Ambipom didn't surprise me in the least. It was as it's final stage of evolution, and had been in it's share of Contests and battles. It was time..

I hope she gets something better than Ambipon, honestly. I never cared for that Pokemon much when it was Ash's, let alone when it became Dawn's. I say she gets ahold of a Ninetales! One of the main cast members really need one of those. At least once.. ; ; I actually took the time to watch this episode, because I thought it would be something better then what it was.

/somewhat harsh opinion

The one good thing about it:
Jun. <3

My overall opinion on this episode: D8;
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