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Quote originally posted by mazot2:
EDIT: T_T need frame 3
Third (or maybe zeroth) frame is a lot easier; they're all just regular tiled sprites using the same palette in the same file. I would imagine anything that can pull sprites from DS games can get them for you.

Quote originally posted by Poryhack:
I've been (slowly) trying to go through and document every NARC file I can. I'm missing a few things in this thread yet but I'll be continuously updating the file at this address: http: //dl.getdropbox .com/u/258536/hgss-filesys.txt Enjoy.
I think I have about everything I could possibly need for veekun by now, but this is excellent and I applaud your efforts.

Quote originally posted by Poryhack:
Full documentation of the model file format can be found on these very forums, and Alpha aka pokesplash has a promising viewer in the works.
Oho. It would be really nice to have flattened maps of all the areas sometime, for a beautiful visual walkthrough of Johto/Sinnoh. I've seen a few for D/P on Bulbapedia, but I suspect they come from lots of screenshots or are manually put together.
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