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Hello, I'm Ribon22x, a spanish-speaking ROMHacker. I come here to post my first manual on pokecommunity, I've done quite a few already in my language, but this one is the first one I put in here. Hope you like it!

Well, my fellow Romhackers, here I bring you a manual that I've been working on this afternoon for you all, in which I explain how to get more space on a ROM, you might say "More space? This guy is nuts!".

And yes! I am nuts XD. Honestly this manual is still on a debugging stage, that means that there is more investigation to go though to see if it keep working in other situations, and I'll be posting any changes on this same topic. Meanwhile I'd like for you to post your questions or feedback any way this tutorial could get better.

I hope you enjoy them and post your comments.

- Confirmed, inserting images (using UNLZ, for example) to the new offsets is possible.
- So far only tested on ruby, but I don't think there will be any problems with other bases.


Here I give you the downloading links in 2 different formats
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