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Ambipom ends up like Primape and Cacnea (as well as Pidgeot, Butterfree, Vulpix, Arbok, Chimecho, Lapras, and Weezing) before him, to leave for a stupid reason and never be seen again, ever, they basically dump the character and never show it returning again ever, cause the main characters are careless and just want "cooler pokemon"

Originally Posted by DonRoyale View Post
This is easily one of the worst episodes in Pokemon history, and easily the stupidest. Get rid of Dawn's best Pokemon in the worst way possible. This episode has made me question my fandom of the series, honestly. :V
Agreed, possibly the worst episode to exist ever, but there have been worse episodes, and this was just a STUPID way to get rid of a pokemon that was actually pretty good, also, since the trade between Ash and Dawn, and since Ambipom evolved from Aipom quickly, wouldnt Buizel evolve into Floatzel soon enough, I will most likely never watch a contest ever again, or compete in one in the games for that matter......
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