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Charmageddon, no offense, but your moves aren't that great... Nor are the names that creative.
A few ideas

+ Make more overworld attacks (Such as sweet scent)
- An alternative to fly. Works the same way, but its for psychic pokemon.
Zen Trap- A move that lets you catch pokemon without pokeballs; The move can be used during battle and spawns a "Shadow Ball" and throws it at the wild pokemon.

+ If it is possible to script this, MULTIPLE CHOICES of how the trainer looks. Even better, if you could customize the way he/she looks through equipable clothes and a barber shop.

+ New types. Probably Light and Spirit- We have dark and ghost, why not their opposites?

+ More games to play in the Game Corners. Roulette was fun in RSE, maybe bring that back? Or a card game- Black jack or Rummy.