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Thanks for the comment TG

Also it would seem my thread now has more views then any other thread I see around here, I'm even beating the showcase/discussion thread, and it has like 30x the number of posts. I really must have a ton of silent watchers, which is a shame though since getting comments is fun =D


Here is a new splice sheet. I also have some edits on them too. Some interesting stuff this time around in my opinion. Emo birds, polygonal beasts, super heroes, and even the mighty Dai-Gurren Brigade!

As for what's next, since I seem to be back in my old pattern, expect Fakemon. Although I am planning to enter a contest being run by a person who I consider to be the best splicer around. So I will probably be trying to do my best for that over all. So Fakemon sheet or my entry to that contest. Oh also once I get around to it, I plan on uploading a video of me making the Porygon+Ryhdon splice I did. If anyone has interest in seeing such a video, I might be a bit quicker to upload it. If not then it waits till I decide to deal with it.

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