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1000th post, whoo!

Ah, since I left Sppf I was hoping I could continue reading this here

So, Elm went insane, Duncan continues to have lawn issues, Pikachu continue to run amok, and the daycare knows nothing about eggs. Yeah, sounds about right for Orre.

You see, I may not be smart, but I sure can lift up heavy objects!
Sums up Dakim quite well. Also reminds me of Chuck, for some reason.

“Doesn’t anyone of us have a water Pokemon!?” a Cipher grunt cried in anguish, watching his Pokemon fall, as Andrew’s grin grew.

“The guy who Dakim knocked out did, I believe...” another replied.
Ah, the irony of it all.

“Aha! Some action! I always like a good fight,” he bellowed, before using the cactus like a baseball bat, hitting the Growlithe into the air back the way it came, as it yelped in surprise
Dakim might have a good idea for a new sport here

Now, hand over the Space Saxophone... err... the Money Piano before I show you my DAKIM KICK!

Ooh, I think this battle that's coming up between Wes and Dakim is gonna be epic... cactus or no cactus. I can't wait

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