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Introduction | News | Team | Projects | Help

, I'm Cello, and I am bangBANG's director or whatever the hell that is. More about me: I text way too much and drink iced coffee.

What we are, is nothing more or less than your average team. Only really cool and flashy so we catch your attention. In the good way. We also showcase team member's hacks for everyone to see. We work together on hacks and all have our own projects. We look to bring you the best of the best, and that's all there is to it. You will know which hacks are made by bangBANG, I assure you.


  • Please apply only to what's posted under help. We'll hire you if we need help. Check our job postings.
  • If you're a close friend and have a really ground breaking hack, we'll invite you to showcase under bB. Feel free to talk to us about it.
  • Don't whine/Stank up my team's thread with a spammy post.
  • If you have a complaint, just PM me.
  • I will not CSS or design image-slice layouts for you. This is team exclusive.

>> Job Postings updated. - 10/11/09
>> Team roster updated with new members Chibi Robo, Luck, and Vrai. Welcome! - 10/11/09
>> Abnegation updates team roster for Forever Lost. - 10/03/09
>> Abnegation joins the team, with project Forever Lost. Welcome! - 09/30/09
>> New compact CSS layout, done to fix indention issues. - 09/28/09
>> New job posting for enCODED; OW Spriter. - 09/27/09
>> Added member Jesse [TB Pro] and project Mahogany. - 09/24/09
>> Added member Spherical Ice and project enCODED. - 09/24/09
>> Added member Manipulation and project Shinite. - 09/24/09
>> New thread posted now that things have calmed down. - 09/24/09

project LEADERS
The project leaders(yeah?) behind bB showcased hacks. Contact them about help postings!
If you are a member but have your own hack you want showcased, contact me.

Hack skills: Mapper, Tile Inserter, Spriting/Animations, Music Composition, Basic Scripting.
Project(s): Crossroads (Project Leader), Shinite (Part-Time Tile Inserter), enCODED (Part-Time Mapper), Forever Lost (Concept Artist)
PM, VM, [email protected]

.MANIPULATION - Do NOT Request Assistance.
Hack Skills: Everything. Extreme scripter.
Project(s): Pokemon Shinite(Semi-Private Project), Crossroads (XSE Scripter)
Contact: [email protected]

.SPHERICAL ICE - Do NOT Request Assistance.
Hack Skills: Spriter, Intermediate Scripter.
Project(s): Pokemon enCODED (Leader), Crossroads (XSE Scripter)
Contact: PM, VM, Hotmail (e-mail for hotmail in my profile).

Hack Skills: Basic Scripter, Mapper, Tile Inserter, Other stuff
Project(s): Pokemon Mahogany (Leader)
Contact information: [email protected] MSN address

.ABNEGATION - Do NOT Request Assistance.
Hack Skills: CSS, Story writer, Title screen creation, Mapping.
Project(s): Pokemon Forever Lost (Leader)
Contact information: [email protected] MSN address

Hack Skills: Spriting, Mapping, Sexy Pole Dancing.
Project(s): Pokémon Shinite (Leader, Tile Insertion, Spriter)
Contact information: [email protected]

project MEMBERS
These are the talented hackers that range from full-time team members to Temps that work hand-in-hand with the project leaders at bB to give you the impressive stuff you want to see.
This is both a member and credited section that will list both applicants that help on projects and existing members that didn't apply. People who did not apply are listed for both reference and recognition in their work.


Skills: Everything except spriting and rating lap dances.
Project(s): Rebirth (Leader / Unreleased hack), Forever Lost (Music Insertion)
Contact information: msn; [email protected]; if you need an email then [email protected]

Skills: Mapping. Also self listed as good at procrastination.
Project(s): Shinite (Temp Mapper) and many other hacks in the past.
Contact information: A PM or VM should be good enough, but my yahoo is [email protected]

Skills: Spriting
Project(s): enCODED (Spriter)

Skills: ASM, Scripter+
Project(s): Forever Lost (ASM, Scipter+)

Skills: Scipter
Project(s): Forever Lost (Scripter)


Skills: CSS, Thread Layout are all that has been listed.
Project(s): Forever Lost (CSS/Misc)

Skills: Spriting and art/concept is all that was listed.
Project(s): Forever Lost (Spriting/Concept Art)

Skills: Spriting, Concept Art are all that has been listed.
Project(s): Forever Lost (Spriting/Concept Art)

Skills: Art is all that has been listed.
Project(s): Forever Lost (Images/Banners)

Skills: Spriting.
Project(s): Forever Lost (Spriting)

Skills: Spriting, Art/Concept Art
Project(s): Forever Lost (Spriting, Art/Concept Art)

.Vişne Tanrıça
Skills: Spriting.
Project(s): Forever Lost (Spriting)

Pokémon Crossroads

Team: Cello (Creator, Artist, Mapper, Tile inserter, spriter, music composer, part-scripter),
Manipulation (XSE Scripter), SphericalIce (XSE Scripter)
Looking for: N/A
Description: Freedom as a pokemon trainer at it's finest! Explore the vast region of Kippal
at your own pace in any particular order. Shape your story as a trainer in Crossroads.

Pokémon Shinite
Team: Manipulation, Chibi Robo and many others who know who they are.
Looking For: We have everything filled. So, we don't need any more members but if you want to help post here. Spriters and graphic makers etc. Are the highest priority.
Description: Team members will be filled in on this.

Pokémon enCODED
Team: Spherical Ice
Looking for: OW Spriter
Description: Agent! Gem-Ex has gone missing, and we're relying on YOU to retreive it! Got the guts to play enCODED?

Pokémon Mahogany
Team: Jesse[TB Pro]
Looking for: Interior Mapper
Description:You're excited, as today is your fifteenth birthday, the day you get your Pokémon! Sadly enough, your mother has fallen ill, aand you must stay home on this wonderous day. Luckily, Professor Larch has given your neighbor a Pokémon for you, and thus begins your Pokémon journey. Collect Gym badges to gain access to the famed Time Machine grounds in Hevaron City, to ultimatly become a Pokémon Master! Along the way foil the evil plots of the wicked Team Snagga, and discover the legend of the famed Hermit, and his quest to find Celebi, the region's guardian.

Pokémon Forever Lost
Team: Abnegation: Writer, inserter, mapper, spriting, small scripts etc etc, Manipulation: Lead scripter, inserter & some other stuff, Counterfeit: CSS, thread layout, misc, Dr. Octogonapus: Spriting, art, concept art, Signomi: Art, spriting, concept art, Chibi Robo: Spriting, Mapping, custom tiles, Gummy: Images, banners, Fox♠: Spriting,
October Rain: Art, spriting, concept art, Vişne Tanrıça: Spriter, The The The The: scripter+, Cello: concept artist, Dartharon: scripter, Vrai: Music Insertion
Looking for: Experienced members only. Advanced scripter, Concept Artists, OW spriters.
Description: A life without knowing what has happened to your own father, is not something you can go through. You're becoming lost in your own thoughts and cannot take the greif any longer. He must be found. Shrouded in darkness, you will need to search vast lands before you become, Forever Lost.

To anybody applying to ANYTHING here, you must meet the basic requirements. You must be friendly, willing to work hard, and most of all GOOD GRAMMAR. I will personally pop you upside your head if you 1337 speak this.

If you have a hack you want to showcase under bangBANG, don't apply it.
We'll invite you if we want you/your hack to join, granted you aren't in a team and we've spoken on multiple occasions.

Proof of work/Hack:
Past experience:
Contact information:
Other Details(Optional):

Pokemon Mahogany hiring:

Pokemon Forever Lost hiring:

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