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Like the ones in PKSV?
Well...not really in need of a tutorial, but lemme have a look
Ok well for flag skeleton numero uno
of course you have
lock and faceplayer
it first checks your flag
if it's set, it will go to #org @flag-2
otherwise it will continue and say the message in #org @flag-1-msg
really simple actually
Now for flag skeleton numero dos ( i'm learning spanish now xD)
hehe.. this is Score_Under using The new " : " label feature, this way the second message is said every time, but the first is said but once
Reread tut if you don't understand

and also,
@rairaiku- Did you mean css padding? Cuz i didn't use any css if i remember right...just a bunch of div's so that it would look a little less boring, but still look good with almost all the themes that PC has, i find it doesn't look half bad in PawLicious, but if you insist, i'll add some padding.

@sharppoint- as in text wrapping, or as in the format that the information was given?
Would you all like me to provide a download to this in PDF/Word/Open Office format for download?

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