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Quote originally posted by Kairi:
Welldid you read the FAQ? If you have Norton Internet Security installed on your computer, thats usually the cause. If not, post back and tell us more details like browser etc.
Yes, I read the FAQ. I did try disabling it and turning it off, nothing changed.

Quote originally posted by JKaizer:
It helps to know what layout.
It's all of the layouts >_< The actual images for the Midnight Misty layout (the buttons and the banner at the top) are showing up. It's the images for the actual site (the avatars, the emoticons, and the buttons) which are located in "") that are not showing up.

So I don't think it's a problem with my computer. I wanted to make sure though before I asked someone to fix it. But everyone who's posted so far on this thread doesn't seem to have this problem, so is it just my computer?
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