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Originally Posted by Colorful Summer View Post
Now that HGSS have been released, why don't you use those sprites?
When I first started making this hack, I thought about waiting for HGSS to come out to use those sprites instead...but now that I've seen HGSS' sprites, I realize I like the PMD sprites better simply because they're larger and more detailed. I can customize and personalize the NPC and recruits' sprites easier that way - I was looking at Pichu's overworlds from HGSS and realized it might be a bit of a space crunch to put a scarf on his ear and make it look good

Thanks for the map feedback! As for the trees, I simply used two pallettes to have a range of 30 different greens and browns - one pallette was made mainly of light greens and one was made mainly of dark greens. Real forests don't have trees of all one color, so I thought it would look better this way
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