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No no , having 2 pokemon with x4 Electric Weakness is too Risky, use this SubPeteya Empoleon over your Pelliper, its a beast :

Empoleon @ Petaya Berry
Nature : Modest
Ability : Torrent
EVs : 12 HP / 12 Def / 252 SpA / 232 Spe
-Grass Knot / Hidden Power Electric

first Agility , then Substitute till your HP reaches low , Torrent and Petaya will activate , STAB Surf + Torrent Boost + Petaya Boost is so deadly and deals so many KOes to stuffs that doesnt resist it , Grass Knot to KO Swampert and other Bulky Waters . if you're worried about Vaporeon , use HP Electric

I will be back for more help .