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Originally Posted by ~BZuma View Post
Super rising thunder? maybe just rising thunder sounds less childish?
Anyway best of luck with this hack
Well, about the title, I do call it Rising Thunder for short. ' But "Super Rising Thunder" is the term used within Pokemon Special for this particular move (a superpowered blast of electricity powered by Raikou's energy) - blame Gold, not me. XD

Anyway, about the move SuperThunder (RisingThunder didn't fit, and Super Rising Thunder certainly wouldn't have ' ) - it uses Volt Tackle's animation, since regular Thunder is still learned by various other Pokemon. As Volt Tackle is basically a "null" move in Ruby (nothing can use it except for a Metronomer), it was natural to be adapted for my purposes.

And yes, the Pokemon mentioned behind the cut are partners who will join you - they're not the only ones who will, though.

Sometime tomorrow I hope to get at least one new screenshot out (small-sized, this time! ), and I'll clean up my first post so it looks a bit less rambling and a bit more presentable I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to comment - I really appreciate it, and I'll work the hardest I can to make sure the game lives up to your expectations
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