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Originally Posted by link12552 View Post
First make sure the warp is on the tile in front of the exit,

Secondly make that tile is the first cave floor tile you see.
It be should after a black block in the cave tile area of the tileset.

If all else fails, open the tile with the warp on it and set its behavior byte to 08 00
I'm happy that your trying to help but it still won't work. My warp is on the tile in front of the exit, and the tile is the first cave floor tile in the tileset. Since all else really has failed, can you tell me a little bit more on how to edit the behavior byte of the warp? In my version of advance map (I think its the latest one) when a warp is selected I cannot open it in my script editor (XSE).

Also, one extra detail I noticed, when I enter the cave I am facing down. I think that is a little weird. If you want me to upload pictures of the maps I want to connect, let me know.

EDIT: I figured out how to set the behavior byte and it is at 08 00, so I guess that's not the problem
EDIT 2: Lol. I was messing around with the behavior bytes and decided to try 61 00, which is "use warp" and that worked perfectly. haha
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