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To find glaceon you need to go to the castle and then capture another empoleon and head to the far right. There should be a place there where you can surf again. When in the water, you will be drageed by a current but cut off to the left as early on as you can. Here you will find a place to exit where you can walk out onto a platform and find the one-and-only glaceon in the game. Oh, and don't worry, there is an empoleon there who can take you back to the start of the lake. Happy Hunting!
Now, without further ado:

GAME: Ranger SOA
POKEMON: Regigigas. Yes, and I already have his three little friends regice, regirock, and registeel. I just want to go for the big one!

OH! And if anyone knows what the pokemon for browser number 175 (in ranger SOA) please tell me, and where to find it! I'm sure I can return the favor seeing as that, regigigas, and any pokemon beyond said legendary are the only one's I havn't found. Also, I completed the game and every quest without my styler breaking once, so you could pretty much call me a ranger master. But even the master has her off-days. Please tell me where to find pokemon 175 and how to capture regigigas!

EDIT: Wait! I also would like to know what and where I can find the pokemon on the browser between togekiss and the three regi's. Once again, I would sincerely thank anyone who can give me this information.