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Originally Posted by pokekingkian View Post
great title screen it looks cool i like the idea of lightning

Thank you very Much Kian lol. I thought the lightning was a good touch too.

Originally Posted by @World View Post
This is by far my favorite fan game.
The new use of the click-able menu is far more creative than any dual screen script.
The graphics are wonderful, just as the intro screen.
Hope you'll keep up the work......
Thanks for the great motivation I'm glad you like it, and don't worry I will

Originally Posted by cadgod120 View Post

OK. I'll go put one in. This has great potential, and I hope for the best.
Ha ha Thanks I'm glad you think so. I'll probably be making a new banner anyway so don't worry for now, but thanks for the support lol.

Originally Posted by mercurysky View Post
Sounds good! I loved the badge video.
Thank you lol I'm thinking about making a set of real badges as opposed to badge cards but I want to know what everyone thinks about that first.

Originally Posted by terry-x View Post
This game is so cool. I want to play it...
Thank you very much, welcome to PC BTW.

I'm Really late on the screen but none the less here they are.

Explanation of the screens: Well first off, the first screen is the Pokemon Selection event you get to go through in Giltine town. I pretty much wanted to just show that the Arrow has been fixed and the new Pokecapsule that Prof. Mai is below.

For the Second Screen I thought I'd display a bit of Bailey city since I'm sure everyone's getting tired of seeing Giltine Town and Eshou forest lol. The tiles are rips of HG/SS(Mine) and D/P/PL(Firetears). I've moved the building with no door down a bit more so that the player can have the liberty of the street and see where they're going and I'll be fixing the colors of the streets tiles that resemble blocks to match the rest of the City later on toady lol. I was debating on whether I should release a new Tileset for the rips but I'm still un decided on that. I'll consider it a bit further as Carbon's Big update draws closer.

As always I'd love to hear comments and crit is always welcome.