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Hack name: Pokemon Konoto

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: Just a brand new hack. You are a hero the same age as johto and kanto gym leaders. 10 YEARS OLD! So when you travel around the Gahto Region, you will be challenged by all the gym leaders! The New Team have came (Team _____ figure it out to be in the hack) beat the 8 gym leaders and defeat the champion! there are also 7 more "secret" gym leaders that will uncover secret events but be aware... They are REALLY hard to find. And when you beat all 7 a special "thing" will arrive

Finished percentage: 0 as I said it's new

Your hacking skills: good at mapping (not good at connecting house to the map), basic scripting, great trainer editor,good world map editor

What help or skill you're looking for: Advance Scripter, Advance Mapper, Advance Spriter, storyline helper

Additional contact information: contact at [email protected], or easier pm here!(ill be on here more frequently)

Additional information: just all the help would be great thanks!