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Hey all, im trying to find out more Movement Permisson numbers, and i have a few already if you need them. srry if this is in the wrong catagory... im a noob :3

0= A door, or any stairs.
1= Cannot walk through
1C= 2nd level of a mountain└
1D= 2nd level of mountain that you cannot go through└
4= Water, surf only.
5= An obstical in the water (rock, ect).
10= A bridge
14= 1st level of a mountain└
24= 3rd level of a mountain└
25= 3rd level of a mountain that you cannot go through└
C= Passable
D= Signpost

└ = needs a 0 to overlap, i.e.
|14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14|
|14 14 14|0 |14 14 14 14|___bank here
| C_ C_ C_C _C_ C _C_ C|
(i really need to work on my models :/ )
Please post more... my Pallet town is starting to look messed up :3
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