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Originally Posted by bigtukker View Post
It doesn't fix it
What I do is this

Make a new person
make the same proportions (this includes: View Radius Script Offset and Trainer checked,) as the old person
delete the old person
put the new person in the old persons place

Perhaps this might help:
I know it's quite small and poor quality
Wow. Okay, I never actually got an error message from the emulator before. I have no idea what this problem is.

Originally Posted by Ben. View Post
Thanks i forgot to burn it to the rom is the problem *faceplam*
Hey, just a quick note for Ben, you ought to try using XSE instead of Pokescript. I was trying to use Pokescript when I first started hacking, but believe me, XSE is better by a million percent.

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

I guessed it right. After looking at your script, the first thing that is causing your error is that the NPC is too far away from the game's screen.
Let me explain so you can at least learn something.

Okay, so your error is in the @walkdown...
I counted how many 'down movements' it has, and I concluded that the NPC was too far.

Okay so the solution will be, put the NPC one block down and remove one 'raw 0x10' from your script and it'll work just fine~
Wierd, I never knew that distance was a factor. But THANK YOU! This was driving me nuts, I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I'll get that fixed right away.
EDIT: It worked! Thanks again, I really appreciate your taking the time to explain this for me.
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