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hey guys im trying to get the pokemon brown hack to work but im having some errors i was going to pm cbm but his mailbox is full i hope some of you can help me out this is what i was going to send to him.

hey bud i downloaded brown version 4.2 i hope thats the latest one and then i downloaded pokemon fire red like in the read me file. i went to the link but it took me to a downloads page not the exact file. searched through modification and found patching tools but there is no lips100 there was a lunar ips and i tried that but as soon as i began to load my rom it crashed, i also tried ips-win and had the same error, and also some other ips converter and once again the same error, i am currently using the no$gba is that in compatible with your hack or is there another way to get lips100. please help i really want to try out your rom

Thank you
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