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Quote originally posted by tyranitar_dude:
i still have to say attackrage i dont believe a friggin word you cant possibly have that many shinys without cheatin and i read in another post how many hours you have in PuSA and u STILL cant have that many shinys.... FR/LG hasnt been out that long so that you can catch that many ..... :\ ....skinny the banner is uhh eh ok...i like the idea of looking through a scope at a shiny ...
is it possible for you, attackrage, to get some proof? because (no offence) the word of a 10 year old about catching more than 10 shineies is a bit sketchy...

edit: fyi, i can't do any shiny hunting until saturday. they're redoing our hallway, and i can't get into my room where my gba is... it sucks royally.
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