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Quote originally posted by Lunatic-X:
Hey dude, I keep getting "Virus Detected" alerts from avast! Anti-virus when I try to download those.
Is this a false positive or something?
Just thought you should know.

Quote originally posted by Manipulation:

I can't download it fine enough, but as soon as I extract it, my anti-virus blocks it :/ Any idea what's going wrong ZDG?

Quote originally posted by TAKUORO:
the tools are great =D

I like them, specially the tileset manager and the introEd

I that door management will work? =D

Edit: One thing, I also have that virus alert!!
I wonder what it is...

Quote originally posted by Gamer2020:
I got keep getting the virus alerts From the item editor (Only tool I've tried)


And it keeps getting worse. Now I have to restart and scan.
I hope that this is just a really bad false positive and that it can be fixed =/

I think he used the latest UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables) to compress his files. From the vb6 sources that I have read, there are no signs of virus or codes like that.