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Sorry if I'm not able to put questions here.. But I really want an answer.

I know we can edit the Trainers' Pokémon in HG / SS already, but how good? Here are my questions:

1) Are we already able to edit the Trainers' Pokémon in HG / SS as good as in DPP?

2) If I'm going to edit the Trainers' Pokémon in HG / SS now, can I use the edited .narc file for the English HG / SS Roms (when they are released)? Or do I have to edit every Trainers' Pokémon again then?

3) (Only answer this question when you've answered YES to question 1) I was trying to edit the Trainers' Pokémon, but it looked much more messed up, with every Trainers' SECOND Pokémon being at level 1 or something. Eh, it just looked messed up. Or was I doing something wrong?


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