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Yellow Version: (I've never re-started this game, and I don't think I ever can. These are the Pokemon I've had since I was eight years old. *tear* those were the days!)

This team isn't even that high-leveled. And their moves aren't the greatest... huh, well they must'a been good back in the day, cuz they got me far!!! (:

Pikachu (nick name: Shocky lol) | Lv. 70
Moves: Slam, Thunder, Mega Punch, Thunderbolt
Comments: I loved this Pikachu to death! I used to cry when it fainted (which only happened a few times... i tried to make sure it never got knocked out)

Charizard (name name Flame) | Lv. 61
Moves: Cut, Ember, Flamethrower, Slash
Comments: I can't remember where I got this guy... But I remember it used to not obey me because it had gotten too strong. lmao

Dragonite | Lv 76
Moves: Wrap, Dragon Rage, Thunder Wave, Dragon Beam
Comments: Apparently I traded somebody (in the game) for this one. Don't remember that... I think he was one of the newest additions to my team.

Blastoise (nick name: Pools lmao xD) | Lv 69
Moves: Surf, Seismic Toss, Hydro Pump, Strength
Comments: Pools is a champ, I remember I could always count on him!

Golem (nick name Rocky hehe I was a creative kid.. not lol) | Lv 69
Moves: Tackle (wow, still??), Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Earthquake
Comments: I remember when I caught this one!!! It was right out side of Mt. Moon and I was playing the game in a Snowboard shop while my mom was looking shopping. I caught the Geodude and it beat my Rival's Jolteon & I loved that thing ever since.

Aerodactyl (nick name Wings bahah) | Lv. 76
Moves: Wing Attack, Sky Attack, Fly, Hyper Beam
Comments: Ahh, I remember I got him from that Amber Fossil... I think I only kept him because he could fly... I probably shoulda just kept my Pidgeot, because Pidgeot is a champ. Oh well (:

<3 Eevee <3
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