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Why would Team Rocket dump a Lugia (of all Pokemon) into A RIVER OF POISON? That doesn't make sense in the slightest. I can understand capturing it and using it for their nefarious scemes - Heck, I can even see their scientist preforming experiments on it - But callously dumping a ledgendary Pokemon into A RIVER OF POISON? I don't think so.

While Team Rocket are certainly not the kind of people that you'd invite to your birthday party, they do have their limits. Their leader isn't a psychopath who is out to bend the world to his will - No. He is primarily a buisnessman who deals in money raised from the capture, sell and exploitation of Pokemon, along with standover tactic and general dastardlyness - Think of what a mafia man would be attempting to achieve if you want to get into the mindset of Team Rocket.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: because of a desire for profit, Rocket Execs/ Giovanni aren't really going to mindlessly do something like that to a Pokemon that could bring them so much money on the black market or be useful during instances in the future. It just doesn't logically make sense from the way I see it.

How does Team 'Volcano' (Better name pl0x) know that Lugia is still alive? That also brings another point - Poison is suppossed to do the exact opposite of letting stuff live, why would Lugia survive for so long? Please don't answer: Because its a ledgendary. Just like Team Rocket, they also have their limits.

Why is the river poisonous anyway?