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Well did some more Fakemon. Not a full sheet yet, but I figured to show off what I have. The Khangaskhan sprite is of course not my doing, but I might consider respriting all Pokemon for the region, including existing ones for my region. C+C and what not highly welcomed.

Kanghun is the baby form of Kangaskhan. Normal type with a gender split evolution.

Battillahun is the male form of a Kangaskhan. Still normal. More emphasis on slashing based attack instead of the pounding type of attacks Kangaskhan uses. I am again unsure if I want to have the pipe or not.


Also just to let people know, my front page is now more well organized.

Lastly I will let you all know about a project I plan in the future. To go along with my video tutorials, I think I will also do a little something where I take flawed sprites and fix them, to basically show some common problems and how to fix them. Instead of making the bad sprites on my own, I figured I could just use other peoples. Basically it would be like a video critique of other peoples sprites, with shown methods of how to fix. This means I will need volunteers willing to let me use their sprites, knowing full well I will be critiquing it in front of others, perhaps with a little extra mockery for the sake comedy =P

I don't plan to start this necessarily soon, as I want to do it later when I finally bother to buy myself a mic that isn't built into my laptop and adds an annoying buzzing noise to my videos. So feel free to start PM'ing me any sprites of yours you might like me to do. I won't accept everything, only stuff I know I can fix, and usually not too many that all have the same problem. I will happily give anyone who does credit in the video, or I can keep you anonymous if you so wish. Again, I don't know when I'll start this, but don't expect it like next week =P
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