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Guess what: UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

I've finally posted the Emerald hack. It's about 87% complete, you can play through the entire game, but I haven't updated any of the trainer teams except for Aqua Admins Shelly & Matt, Aqua Leader Archie, Magma Admin Tabitha, and Magma Leader Maxie, and I'm not fully done with them either. You can play through the entire Hoenn region in it's new volcanic glory! Here's a small preview of what you can expect to see:

Also this small FireRed update has more Kanto maps finished, and the first 3 Sevii Islands corrected. Also the music in the S.S. Anne has been replaced with the music that plays in the Slateport Museum in the Hoenn games, because it's a much better arrangement of the song. Took me about 3 hours to hex edit the tracks correctly...
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