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Chapter Seven
Cassandra swept her hair out of her eyes and placed her hands on her hips, squinting up into the sky. Swablu was going through a difficult series of turns and loops. Since her last week before the contest was going to be spent in Almia with Alyssa, she was working extra hard.

“Good, Swablu!” she cried. “Very graceful!” Swablu chirruped happily and continued its work. It was almost time to start putting her own moves with her Pokémon’s. In the morning, Cassandra worked on their moves. After lunch, she went into the backyard and worked on her moves. It was only fair. She let Finny and Swablu out of their Poké Balls to watch her dance and plan, plan and dance.

“Cassandra!” called a voice. She turned to see her mother astride a Manectric, which Cassandra was quite sure belonged to Dorothia. It was scowling unpleasantly at its task. Cassandra didn’t blame it one bit.

“Yes, Mother?”

“Whatever are you doing out here every morning, Cassandra?”

“I’m training for my contest. It’s in two weeks, Mother.”

“Oh, yes, your contest…don’t be too upset if you don’t win, darling.” Joanna slid off the Manectric. “I’ve seen you dancing, and you’re not that good.”

Cassandra’s hands balled into fists. “Is that all you came for, Mother?”

“No. Dorothia says you got some electronic mail this morning from your Almia friend.” Cassandra gritted her teeth and tried hard not to roll her eyes. Why couldn’t her mother just say e-mail like a normal person? “She says that the girl is graduating from her school, and she wants you to go.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Do you want to go?” Joanna said this as if Cassandra couldn’t possibly want to go.

“Yes, Mother, I do. She is my friend. I’m very happy that she’s graduating. She’s worked very hard.”

“And how do you plan on going?”

“I was going to ask Dad—I mean, Father, for some spending money, and I was going to borrow Staraptor.”

Joanna scoffed. “Without asking? If you want to go to Almia, darling, you need to get your own transportation there. I am going to need Staraptor that week.”

“I can send him back,” Cassandra said. “I was just going to keep him overnight to rest, and then I was going to send him back.”

“And you would expect him to come and collect you at the end of your stay?” Joanna asked her, placing a hand on her hip.

Yes. Is that so difficult?” Rage was building up inside Cassandra, so she had to be very careful. She had a tendency of exploding when she got angry.

Joanna opened her mouth to speak, but a great barking sound drowned out whatever it was she was going to say. Cassandra whipped around to find the source of the noise and saw a Poochyena, running wildly from an Illumise and a Volbeat, both of which seemed to be enjoying themselves. The Poochyena, however, looked terrified. The Volbeat charged the Poochyena from behind while the Illumise circled around to the front, swooping down on it. The little dog-like Pokémon froze for a moment before darting off to the side. Illumise used a move; it looked like Leech Life.

“Aren’t Dark-types weak against Bug-types?” Joanna asked nonchalantly.
Cassandra sucked in a breath. It was true; Bug was strong against Dark. Now Volbeat was using Leech Life as well; they both continuously shot the move at the running Poochyena. Finally, the little puppy Pokémon stopped in its tracks and turned, barking angrily. It began to use counter-attacks, but they did little damage if they even hit at all. Still, Poochyena was spunky.

“Cassandra, you may not use Staraptor to visit your friend in Almia. I need it that day. Nancy and I planned a shopping trip in Lilycove.”

“Don’t you ever get tired of squandering your family’s money?” Cassandra snapped angrily, not taking her eyes off the Poochyena. It was growing weaker; just a little while now and it would faint. Joanna’s parents were very rich; they were in the mining business. They lived in a mansion in some obscure part of the Sinnoh region. While Cassandra’s father really raked in the dough as an executive, the majority of the family’s money came from Joanna’s parents.


She gulped. She had gone too far.

“It would serve you well to remember who is the parent around here. Your father is coming home tonight; I will speak to him then.”

Cassandra looked over her shoulder as Joanna mounted the Manectric. It turned and walked back toward Verdanturf Town.

There was a great cry; Cassandra looked back and saw that Poochyena had fainted. The Volbeat and Illumise, however, were not flying away; they continued to use Leech Life on the unconscious Pokémon, giggling in their buggy way. Cassandra’s rage built up again and she ran toward them, not quite thinking things through. “Hey!” she yelled. “Get away from it! Get away!”

The Illumise and Volbeat hovered uncertainly. They watched her for a while as she ran toward them, waving her hands.

And then they attacked.

Volbeat swooped down angrily and caught her in the side of the head, almost knocking her to the ground. Illumise shot Leech Life at her, which she dodged. “Swablu!” Cassandra yelled. “Swablu, help me!”

Swablu came hurtling out of the sky. She crashed her wing into Illumise, making it faint instantly, before turning in a graceful arc toward Volbeat. She used Astonish, making Volbeat flinch, and then used Wing Attack again to finish it off. Cassandra leaned forward, placing her hands on her knees and panting. “Thanks so much, Swablu,” she said. “Do me a favor…can you go grab my bag for me?”

Swablu grabbed the strap of Cassandra’s messenger bag in her mouth and brought it over. Cassandra dug through it to retrieve a Poké Ball, which she used to catch Poochyena. She then turned toward the Volbeat and Illumise. “I suppose I should take them to the Pokémon Center too, huh?”

“Bravo! That was wonderful!”

Cassandra blinked and looked up. The woman from the contest building was running towards her. “That was magnificent! However did you pull that off? Oh, my!”

The woman stopped in front of Cassandra, panting and brushing her hair off her face. “You’re Cassandra, right? Joanna’s daughter? I got here just as you were calling for Swablu; that was magnificent! Oh, my! You certainly have been working hard!”

“Thank you,” Cassandra replied, elated.

“Swablu was a thing of beauty! Powerful and graceful!”

“Thanks so much! Listen, since you’re here, you think you could help me?” She gestured towards the unconscious forms of Volbeat and Illumise.


Cassandra lifted Volbeat as the woman picked up Illumise. All the way to the Pokémon Center, she jabbered on about how magnificent and wonderful Swablu had been, which for the first five minutes made Cassandra feel incredibly happy and accomplished; after that, it was very annoying. She was happy to say good-bye to her when she got inside the Pokémon Center.

Nurse Joy came around the counter, frowning. “What happened?”

“Well, I also have a Poochyena with me that’s hurt pretty bad…” Cassandra told Nurse Joy the story as she helped her bring the two wild Bug Pokémon to the back room.

“That’s terrible,” Joy said, arranging Volbeat on a bed. “Yes, just put that Illumise over there—thank you. It sounds as though these two were just bullies. I’ve gotten a lot of hurt Pokémon in here because of these two. It’s good someone finally taught them a lesson. Where’s the Poochyena?”
Cassandra pulled the Poké Ball out and let Poochyena out of it; it appeared on the floor, sprawled out and bleeding slightly. Nurse Joy swooped down on it immediately, picking it up and taking it further back.
“Chansey!” she called. “Chansey, I’m going to need your assistance!”

“How bad is it?” Cassandra asked, tripping after her.

“It’s bad. If you had let it go on much longer, they would have killed this poor Pokémon.”

Killed? Cassandra thought as Nurse Joy laid Poochyena on a special bed.

“I’m terribly sorry, but you’ll need to wait in the lobby. I can’t have you back here.”

Cassandra blinked as Nurse Joy shut the door in her face. She left the back room and went to the lobby, settling in a plastic chair to wait. She was very worried now. Would that poor Poochyena…die? What had been stopping her from rescuing it sooner? What would it have mattered if her mother had gotten even angrier at her? Why didn’t she just interrupt her mother to rescue that poor Pokémon?

Cassandra buried her face in her hands, and Swablu rested comfortingly on her back. If that Pokémon died, it would be her fault.

Dear Alyssa,
I’m sitting in a Pokémon Center right now, waiting for Nurse Joy to say that the Poochyena I rescued is okay. Two Bug Pokémon were bullying it. I caught it and brought it here. I feel just terrible…Nurse Joy said that it’s near death. I can’t believe I didn’t come to its rescue sooner. I was fighting with my mom at the time, and she said that I can’t use Staraptor, that I’ll have to find some other way to get to Almia. But don’t worry! I’ll get to your graduation! I’ll be able to stay with your parents for the week, right? If I can’t, I’ll have to start researching hotels ASAP.
Well, I can’t bear to think about anything other than Poochyena right now, so I’ll finish this letter off. Sorry for all the bad news all at once…
Sorrowfully yours,

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