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This is my idea:
we are Edward ( o whatever you name it), i don´t have the country of this adventures but for the story, it,s the same what it is. The main line of the story is that we want to become the greates pokemon trainer in the world, but to do so, we need to fight a lot of trainer to gain experience and guess what??? Ash, Misty, Brock, Gary, Silver, Gold, May, Brendan, even Dawn and Lucas are our rivals in this story (even Giovanni has and aparicion). Forget save the world (maybe little sidequests only with the pokegangs: rocket, magma, aqua and, perhaps, galactic), forget the poor 8 gyms and the elite 4, we are gonna fight all the gym leaders, all the game characters, all the anime principal characters (as ritchie) and, most important of all, we are gonna battle the entire elite four, from agatha, bruno, loreli and lance to aaron, bertha, flint, lucian and cynhia. We have all, we fight all and we are the next pokemon master.
I don´t want a new country, just the old ones wherever it´s chose, neither fakemons, only the 4gen pokemon that make the trainers be logical, and believe, each one of the trainers pokemon team are great (i have almost done with the teams).
I need more ideas for the hack, i´m a begginer-almost middle hacker so maybe changes and scripts aren´t big deal but we need the sidequest with the gangs (but i don´t want to finish with they and send to the jail, they still be existing in the whole game); events for almost every trainer ( i´m crazy, i have planned aprox. 75-80 principal characters, each one with is personality and unique dialogs, hopefully not so bored).
I´m open to new ideas and suggestions, and i hope you likethis idea and support me with more and more ideas.