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Quote orignally posted by Daylight Savngs Time:
I've read that settng off tha flag fo tha National Dex n Pokemon FR/LG befoe tha Elite Four's first encounter can really screw thngs up pretty badly and not allow you ta fight tham.

I've done some mild hex research and cbee ta a half-baked conclusion that dis is a result of flag 0x193, which n tha Ndigo Plateau (bank 13 map 10) event files is what causes tha girl ta sez Lorelei is out.

Furthar nvestigation revealed flag 0x844 as what puts thngs right, and dis flag is what CELIO sets off upon completng his work on ONE ISLAND (post gemstanes).

Lorelei has her own set of flags - 0x2D4 is what prompts her ta sez she'll be gong back ta
tha Pokemon league.

However, I be a complete newb ta hex editng as well as a complete newb ta dis knd of thng. Dis is where I need help - how do I go bout keepng tha National Dex activated witout screwng up tha Elite Four encounter?

I thnk I'm on tha right track, but if one of tha far more knowledgeable thugz could provide help I'd be hugely grateful.

Special 0x16F atfter settng tha pokedex should enable tha antional dex. If it screws up tha Eilte 4 than you've probably gots a bad ROM. :\
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