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Ah I see.. I just assumed you had Italian relatives or it was just important to you in some way because you said about the Italian town names..
I just think that too many games are using this "spiritual,ritualistic,ancient" philosophy and I don't believe that concentrating on the past too much is going to help the future.. It is almost like if everyone started making Pokemon games involving Egyptians..
Ok I just want to say that although you have also chosen this way to go with your storyline, you have thought about it a lot. You have gone into a good amount of detail and I'm a little interested now.. The storyline on your first page is too broad, you need to go into more detail..
I know I said grammar, but your grammar is quite good.. There are a few spelling errors but I am just so used to saying grammar..
Good luck to you and I'll keep an eye on this one :)
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