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Hey mate, thanks for the compliment :) I was beginning to wonder if anyone still cared about this game.
There was a fair bit of work involved in making those buildings, but my real challenges are isometric landscape tiles.. Some of the landscape tiles I'll be making will be an isometric rock-wall, iso fences and possibly an iso ledge (the ledge requires some heavy script work). They all have normal counter-parts, I'm just trying to make the maps fit the movement system a little better. I really hate only using right-angles, it seems way too man-made..
The game progress is ready to continue (I'd reached a point where I needed to consult a few people and decide how best to go about making the next part of the game, and how people would react to the way gameplay unfolds) because it's nearly time to start working on the 3rd episode.
To do still in the 2nd episode:
*Rockets blast off & balloon scene
*Ash encounters Caterpie

Here is a little update on the spearow-chase scene, you'll notice the spearows in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Please tell me whether you think it's better this way or having the OW's swoop.

Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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