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Originally Posted by firelordyago View Post
Holy ****, quite literally!
This hack is really awesome, your ideas are perfect and the gyms leaders look amazing!
Good Luck, this looks relly good and i hope you finish it, it would be HotY easily XD
No swearing but thank you :)

Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Aw, but I liked Piratite...
This looks pretty good. That's quite an... intriguing story line you got there. 'Should be interesting seeing how you plan on implementing it seeing how it seems to draw heavily on corruption and emotions and other themes which can be difficult to manifest in GBA games. Anyways, best of luck to you and everyone else who's working on this.
I'm amazing so I can do anything. And maybe down the line after I finish this, Piratite will get done. After this story, that one was my favorite :D


Except Manipulation's modem broke so we'll have to wait until this weekend to get anything else done screenshot wise. The forest map I did looks awesome and we were in the process of adding new tiles for the next town when he disappeared. HOPEFULLY there will be new updates soon :)

There's also a super secret surprise to be announced soon and a possible contest. Stay tuned ;D
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