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Now, I gotta say, what is shown in the 1st post is impressive, however the maps do need work. No offense, but they kinda let it down to me. And also, did you read any scripting tutorials? We did used to have a tutor thread (didn't last long), but tuts are best to be read first, and then ask.

As for the maps... I know you are aiming for Nintendo style (or so it is thought), however that isn't always the best.

No. 1: Too many flowers. I know that is the point, but there is a difference between flower city and flower sea.
No. 2: The windows in the gym roof and big building look... Well, don't. Only experiment with it if you have new tiles inserted, or something.
No. 3: I know you are going for the Nintendo viewing, but too much free space & squareness = Well... Not really too interesting viewing (for example, the gap with TONS of flowers near the bottom, something could be added there)

Errmm... The other 2 maps in your last post have only the problem of too much squareness (and the greenhouse isn't too good when looked at, but new tiles again...). But for a first hack, not too bad.

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