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Thanks, dude.

Finally got something brand new to update you guys on: the Trick House. After spending a good amount of time making a chipset for the Trick House (which I'll post in the Resources thread when I get a chance), I went in and got everything set for the first puzzle, which will combine Flash and Cut (since Flash alone would be too boring a challenge; I'll probably make a quiz puzzle after it to fit in between Cut and Strength in the HM/Badge order) to make certain trees only visible while Flash is on and some while Flash isn't (you'll be able to turn it off when you want, but you'll have to go into your Items and get it; I'd imagine it wouldn't be too tedious early in the game). Screens below:

Screen 1 is the outside on Route 35, and Screens 2 and 3 are of the lobby inside, 2 being when you first walk in and 3 when you find where he's hiding. 4 shows you the first part of the puzzle while Flash is off, while 5-7 are with Flash on. 8 shows the Trick Master telling you how he spent his night, and 9's the way out. I might shape it a bit differently so it doesn't look too much like the path in RSE, but I'll leave it like that for now until I get an idea.

I'll probably be working on the second puzzle for the next little while. I've also contacted Pingu about the CBS tutorial, so hopefully, he'll get back to me soon when he's able to so I can start working on finishing it up.

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