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Quote originally posted by Chesu:
Actually, all he(?) would have to do is make it one tile wider, with the door in the middle. The letters would have to be spaced out a bit more, though. I'm also a stickler for symmetry, Pokemon like Zangoose and Deoxys kill me. Girafarig is borderline, but its name is a palindrome, so it gets a pass.

Anyway, I like the one with just text; the Munchlax face looks a bit out of place. It would look better in more normal colors (the door and doorknob even have an appropriate palette for it), and I can't really tell why it goes under the white line. You could also try doing it in the same pink and white as the letters.
I agree with Chesu-on just about all he just mentioned! I don't really agree with all that stuff about Girafarig as it is my favourite Pokémon but that's not really the point! I also think the colour of the text looks a bit...unatural.