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My next map is of Marvelight City:


A description of the places:

Marvelight City Map:

The three large buildings in the top left are the Devon Corp. - Centiq branch, Lancaster Corp., and Silph Co. - Centiq branch, respectively.

Lancaster Corp. is the Centiq region's version of Silph/Devon; the Lancaster Corp. owns all of the Pokemon Centers and Marts in the Centiq region, as well as being a realtor for houses.

To the right of these buildings is the Marvelight Radio Tower. Here resides the Centiq region's media outlet, including certain individuals with rather curious opinions...

The house with grass surrounding it is the only one in the whole town which has not been demolished for the construction of businesses. It goes without saying that some business owner has prevented from such happening.

South of this house is the Marvelight Science Center, which also happens to be this city's gym.

The house with a mail box in front of it is Cabe's House, the Centiq region's administrator of the PC Storage System.

Going further south, we find...

Marvelight Port:

Well, the name speaks for itself. This is the map which leads to the S.S. Waterson. Off to the right is that iconic truck, which has an actual purpose in this game! But what ever could that be?
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