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I am a firm believer that a game cannot be made until it has been completely thought out.

Work on it.

I'd suggest this for a start:

When you write the story down, use at least 500 words.

Explain how it works. For example: If Celebi or Dialga is causing the time travel, how does it work:

A: You must have one or the other in your party
B: You have a device that summons them for the sole purpose of time travel
C: They appear at set points during the game and send you back/forward for story purposes
D: All/a mix of the above.

Simply saying 'time travel' doesn't cut it.

Great idea, not make it better!

As a shameless plug, I feel that I have an excellent story on my thread:
"Pokemon Legends: Regigigas"

Just scroll down a bit.

I could use some critiques, but none have given me any.
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