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A nice feature that would exploit the time travel aspect (assuming one can jump between the two or more time periods at will) is to have paths that are blocked in one time but are clear in another.

For example, in the Present you encounter a gorge which you cannot get past (no one's been kind enough to set up a bridge). You jump back to the Ice Age, where the gorge is now a somewhat different shape and filled with a glacier (complete with slippery tiles). However, there's almost nothing beyond the gorge in the Ice Age, but you can jump back to the Present, arrive on the other side of the gorge and continue on a path that has since been created there.

I'd imagine some adaptation of the Dive mechanic would be best to achieve this. Since it'd be unwieldy to allow unrestricted time travel (you'd have to make the whole region twice, for one), perhaps you should claim that there are only certain places that are temporally unstable, and that instability is what allows your Time Rod (or whatever time-travelling device you have) to work and teleport you between the two times.

Or just use portals, which is a lot easier (and rather less impressive than Time Diving)...

I wouldn't mind credit if this post inspires you (or anyone else).
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