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Quote originally posted by Juan:
0x43E9E8 7E 01 A4 08 14 F5 41 08 98 0D 42 08

0x08A4017E = ????
0x0841F514 = tileset
0x08420D98 = tilemap

I did not say the routine for 'lack of time'.
Who wants to analyze it and comment on it, feel free

Thanks,I'll try to analyze it...

Quote originally posted by Pokepal17:
Awesome tutorial!

Can this somehow be manipulated and make it so that these can be removed?

While everything is clear,I'll make this a step by step tut with picture.

Zel,thethethethe,LU-HO,Darthatron,HackMew,ZodiacDaGreat,Juan,score_under,JPAN,Tamah-chan,I really appreciate your kindness and your help!:D

I did something that really bad.But made all Chinese can hack Pokemon, too.If you guys hate me, I totally understand,but cannot do anything but force to keep everything.
If there must be someone to undertake all spit and curse, it must be me.
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