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Oh what the hell. I could have sworn I had a subscription to this thread, did it get dropped somehow? Well yeah, only now do I realize I got a reply over a week ago and another not quite that long ago. And here I was thinking part 2 had gone ignored. <_<

So yeah, thanks to both of you for reading and replying!

Good job catching on to the added characterization in the second part, Bay. The problem with the first part is that I had exactly seven days to write it, and that's really not enough time for me to write as I normally do as any of my regular readers can vouch for. Typically whenever I'm in a time crunch, something has to be sacrificed. With Three-Sixteen it was length, while here it was characterization. Since I had total freedom over part two minus my self-imposed deadline of Halloween, I was able to better flesh out what characters remained so as to make the turnout of the story more interesting and impacting to the reader. If I could rewrite part 1 (something which I guess I technically can do but don't see much point in doing right now with my other stories waiting for updates) you can be sure I'd better flesh out those characters as well, but alas.

And don't worry about not liking Staravia's personality. I almost forgot that he existed myself while writing. Naturally, though, I simply didn't have time to do much with him and so threw him under a lawnmower and figured everything would sort itself out. It didn't, other than the nice gore it left behind. Hence my attempt to try and add at least some backstory in part 2.

Originally Posted by Bay
I actually didn’t think any of the forms except Heat, Mow, and Normal are capable of destruction.
Heh, wind/flying was my biggest problem. Thus the cop out of not having it kill Luxio directly, but rather be only one of two indirect deaths in the fic (the other being Christine, who technically dies to the Gastly and not Rotom). While writing part 2 and talking to some people I suddenly realized the missed potential to use the fan as a saw, but oh well... Water had been pretty clear to me since the beginning, although it was only near the end of part 1 that I worked out for it to actually be inside the washing machine. Ice was going to be different at first, with the somewhat generic "freeze in ice block then shatter" sort of thing. When I thought about it more and realized that blizzard is Fridge Rotom's special move, the thought of ice shards doing the damage occurred to me and thus made that scene infinitely better. I especially love the first part where Buneary's eyes are cut across, if I may say so myself.

Originally Posted by Bay
Isn’t it weird while reading Buneary’s death I suddenly thought the online cartoon Happy Tree Friends?
I wasn't thinking of it at the time I swear but now that I do it does seem rather like something they'd do. :D Maybe I've just been inspired by HTF, in a rather gruesome sort of way.
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