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It's interesting to calculate xD
Let's go for it.
492 + 2 (Burmy) + 2 (Wormadam) + 2 (Shellos + Gastrodon) + 27 (all Unown's forms - 1) +1 (Hippowdown's female) = 526.
I hope I didn't forget anything...
Now the speculation ones - +4 (Deoxys's mirages) +1 (Primal Dialga) +1 (Shiny Celebi) +1 (Origin Giratina) +1 (Sky Shaymin) +1 (Cherrim's Sun Form) +3 (Castform's weather forms)
I know those cannot be recruited but... there might be some way to have them through cheating... so they might need to have space.
Guys what do you think?
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