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Originally Posted by SilverSmeargleSplatter View Post
Also, is there an easier way to recruit Pokemon in PMD2? Like a Friend Bow or something?
lv. 90-100 (+25%), Friend Bow (+10%), Amber Tear (+24%), Golden Mask (+24%).
And for specific types also seven treasures. (+10%)
Those can be found in special dungeons (through wonder mail in Darkness/Time or in PMD Sky from special missions received in Spinda Cafe from random pokemon.)
Terra Cymbal - Ground types - Shimmer Desert 10F (Groudon is guardian)
Fiery Drum - Fire types - Giant Volcano 20F (Heatran)
Icy Flute - Ice types - Mt. Avalanche 20F (Articuno)
Aqua-Monica - Water types - Bottomless Sea 50F (Kyogre)
Rock Horn - Rock types - World Abyss 30F (Giratina)
Grass Cornet - Grass types - Mystery Jungle 30F (Mew)
Sky Melodica - Flying types - Sky Stairway 50F (Rayquaza)

Everything is from Bulbapedia
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