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Quote originally posted by cybermouse8:
Welcome man. ;D

Quote originally posted by Professor W.:
Hello! I recently viewed the video, and I must say that it does look promising. However, "breeded" should be "bred." Other than that, I can't see anything wrong with the video, and I look forward to playing the game.

Thank you. I just can't wait to show off the new Amity Square, though. It's going to be filled with a couple minigames, too. It shouldn't take too long to finish, either.
The "breeded" thing, yes, I noticed that, just like saying "brang".. XD English is quite a language.

Freak, you and I need to find a new name for Amity Square.. hmm.. Maybe we should call it the Game Park? :/
What should we name it, guys?

It will be released after we finish the first island in the game. But who knows how long that will take..
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